Intel gets into smart cities

Mumbai railway stationChip maker Intel appears to be pursuing its plans to be an internet of things player and has teamed up with an energy company and a mesh technology company to create the Mumbai “smart city” network.

As part of the deal, Reliance will connect smart metres, street lights and distribution equpment in Mumbai, connected together by Connode’s IPv6 wireless mesh products.

Reliance claims this is the first roll out in India of smart metres that conform to the Indian government’s machine to machine roadmap.

Intel will provide so called smart city gateways which can handle both IPv6 mesh networks and other internet of things protocols.

Jonathan Ballon, Intel VP of the internet of things, siad that smart city networks is one area his company is focusing on.

He said that the Mumbai development is one of the most interesting smart city markets in the world.

Connode is a Swedish company and claims it’s the leading supplier of wireless comm products for the internet of things. It supplies mesh technology to the UK smart metre programme.