Intel drones at Government

orvillecopter-bart-jansen-cat-droneChipmaker Intel is threatening to take its ball back unless the US government stops stuffing up its drone research with red tape.

Intel said it would take its drone research and development operations overseas unless the federal government drops its “overly proscriptive” approach to unmanned aerial systems technology.

Joshua Walden, Intel’s senior vice president and general manager for new technology, told the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade that the federal government approach that was overly prescriptive regarding the deployment of new hardware and software. This will deter the private sector’s ability to invent and compete in the marketplace.

“Worse, it will drive us to relocate our business planning and R&D overseas, where we are being welcomed by foreign countries eager for investment in this new technology area,” he said.

The government is under pressure from its big corporate masters to allow R&D so that drones can be used for everything including the delivery of packages. But they also face objections from those who think the government is going to use drones to take their guns away and spy and the very real concerts about air space management.