Intel appoints top cop

Intel's Richard SterankaChip giant Intel recently quietly borged anti-virus outfit McAfee from being a separate company into its body corporate.

And now it has appointed a man to run its newly-fledged Intel Security division.

Intel poached Richard Steranka from Avaya, and will now run the division, reporting to Scott Lovett, a senior VP of global sales.

Steranka’s job will be to bring better security to both Intel “partners” and mutual customers, including embedded OEMs.

Steranka, who worked at Cisco before being poached by Avaya, said that security is probably fastest moving field in IT. “Staying relevant and on the offence is imperative so that our partners can not only reach their own profitability goals, but also better protect our mutual customers from next generation cyber threats.”

Steranka is predominantly a salesman because his expertise is in sales, channels, marketing and operations.