Indian government to spend billions on IT

Indian flagA Gartner research document estimates that the Indian government will spend as much as $6.8 billion this year on information technology.

The spend is a rise of 5.7 percent compared to last year – and the sectors it will spend in include internal services, software, IT services, data centres, devices and telecoms.

Gartner includes both state and federal spending in its estimates.

Software spend is set to grow by 10.2 percent this year and will be worth around $860 million, with growth in vertical software being the chief mover and shaker

Internal services IT spend will be worth $1.6 billion this year. Gartner defines this sector as including salaries paid to the IT staff of organisations

As for IT services – which includes consulting, implementation and outsourcing – that will be worth $1.7 billion this year. The business process outsourcing segment will grow by 21.2 percent, year on year.