IDG teams up with Google

GooglePublishing company IDG said it has struck a deal with Google to deliver a programme that offers 100 percent viewable adverts.

Traditional publishing companies that switched to the internet have had the problem that it’s hard to monetise online adverts right now.

So IDH has adopted the use of VCPM (Viewable CPM transactions) that uses Active View, a feature of Google’s Doubleclick advertising tool.

IDG will offer 100 percent viewability guarantees worldwide across IDG Technetwork, desktops and mobiles.

Techeye and our sister publication ChannelEye are part of IDG’s Technetwork.

Peter Longo, who heads up US media at IDG, said that it was the first global media company to offer 100 percent viewability.

The industry said a display advert is viewable if 50 percent of an advert is viewed for one second.