IBM wants to engage its customers

IBM logoAnother day, another IBM press release, and another cloud announcement hits the wires.

Big Blue said it has teamed up with the Dutch Portico Consultancy to deliver cloud services and to help companies build, test and deploy applications.

The idea of the partnership is that by providing IBM’s “Digital Experience on Cloud” together with Portico cloud software, chief marketeers, chief information officers and chief HR officers can easily pilot, configure and introduce new applications.

The problem is that the cloud software has to work with companies’ existing IT infrastructures without the chief executives having to worry their heads about installation, configuration and maintenance.

No doubt this comes at a price.

The IBM “Digital Experience on Cloud” is a managed service running on SoftLayer, the big idea being that rich content can be created over multiple channels.

Financial details on the deal were not revealed by either Portico or IBM. But IBM has snapped up a number of cloud companies in the recent past.