IBM to buy the Weather Company

IBM: The Weather CompanyIBM said it will buy The Weather Company assets, excluding the TV channel.

Big Blue will take over the Weather Company’s B2B, mobile and cloud based web properties.

The reason for the acquisition, IBM said, is to act as the foundation stone for IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) unit and its Watson IoT Cloud platform.

IBM will license content to the Weather Channel for its TV broadcasts.

IBM said that the Weather Company generates an extremely high volume of data. John Kelly, a senior VP at IBM, said: “This powerful cloud platform will position IBM to arm entire industries with insights… and take action from the oceans of data being generated.”

The Weather Company has models that analyse data from three billion weather forecast reference points, over 40 million smartphones and 50,000 air flights every day.

IBM did not say how much it has paid for the outfit.