IBM pours cloud into vessel

OpenPOWER allianceIBM has added an open access cloud service to the OpenPOWER alliance.

The alliance includes Nvidia, Mellanox, Google, Tyan and dozens of other vendors.

Big Blue said it has added SuperVessel to the global community of developers who have bought into the OpenPOWER alliance.

SuperVessel is based on IBM’s proprietary POWER processors and the cloud consists of those along with FPGAs and graphics processors to give faster service. OpenStack is used to manage the whole cloud.

SuperVessel consists of online virtual laboratories where developers can access open source software and build and test applications. The “labs” include Big Data, the Internet of Things, and virtualisation on POWER processors.

Xilinx is providing the PGA accelerators for the SuperVessel cloud service in a bid to make computing faster.

Other of the 113 members of the OpenPOWER alliance include Samsung, Wistron, ZTE, Hitachi and Altera – shortly to be acquired by the Intel Corporation.