IBM marshalls cyber crime squad

IBM X-ChangeIBM said that over 1,000 companies across 16 industry sectors have joined its X-Force Exchange threat intelligence access.

As we reported last month, X-Force Exchange gives open access to real time data feeds of threat intelligence as well as access to historical data.

The network is powered by IBM Cloud and the database contains a staggering 700 terabytes of information. The historical record includes the last 20 years of malicious cyber attack data.

Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM Security said he believed cyber crime has become a pandemic.

“No company or country can handle it alone,” he said. By taking a collective approach over public and private sectors, the threat is lessened.

Large corporations including five of the top 10 banks and the top 10 firms in the education, automotive and high tech industries have signed up to the scheme.