IBM is Sherlock Holmes, not Watson

Sherlock Holmes and Dr WatsonIBM has long been touting its Watson technology ever since it managed to use machine abilities to beat a chess grandmaster back in the 1990s. But now it has emerged that Big Blue is more like Sherlock Holmes (pictured, right) than his Baker Street amanuensis, Dr Watson (pictured, left).

The company said it has put IBM i2 Coplink on the cloud, and that will liberate over a billion law enforcement shareable documents to the cloud.

It said the move will let “law enforcement agencies” access a huge network of shareable documents.

Putting Coplink on the cloud means that analytics can be applied to huge quantities of data to help cops use fuzzy logic to correlate information.

IBM said that for the last 20 years it’s helped over 6,000 policing agencies in North America to feel the collar of criminals.

The data being on the cloud means that the cops can use desktops, computers in cars, or tablets and smartphones to access the data.

Police in the USA are being hit by “shrinking budgets”, said IBM.