IBM intros Linux only mainframes

IBM LinuxONEIBM said that it has introduced two Linux mainframe servers which it claims are the most powerful and secure enterprise servers.

Dubbed LinuxONE, the mainframes use the SuSE Linux distribution while IBM also said it will create an Ubuntu distribution both for LinuxONE and z Systems, striking a deal with Canonical.

IBM said that over a third of IBM mainframe clients are running Linux but these two machines are something different.

The LinuxONE Emperor, used the IBM z13, is it’s claimed the worlds most advanced Linux system with the fastest processor in the world. It can scale up to 8,000 virtual machines. The smaller system, the LinuxONE Rockhopper, is designed for customers who want a smaller package.

The LinuxONE systems can be implemented as a virtual machine using the open source based KVM hypervisor.

Canonical, SuSE and Red Hat will all support KVM for the mainframe.

IBM will also provide the LinuxONE developer cloud for open access to programmers.