IBM expands its OpenStack services

IBM logoInternational Business Machines (IBM) said it has introduced a wider range of OpenStack services for its customers.

OpenStack services are aimed at clients and developers for building secure and scaleable business applications in public clouds.

One of the things its customers can do, it claims, is to launch applications on their own servers in house and move them to public clouds using SoftLayer without changing either the code or configurations.

Big Blue said that there is a high level of complexity in businesses because hundreds of clouds are being created without the ability to integrate applications and to retrieve data from multiple locations, including old fashioned data centres.

The wonderfully named Dr Angel Diaz, IBM VP of cloud architecture, said that his company believes an open cloud architecture gives “significant cost savings”.

Big Blue said that it has fixed 520 bugs in 232,382 lines of code and had hundreds of developers take part in 11,676 code reviews.

IBM said its cloud revenues grew over 60 percent in the first quarter of this year.