IBM and Nvidia start supercomputer centres

IBM logoNvidia and IBM have teamed up to create two supercomputer centres – one based at the Lawrence Livermore labs and the other at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

It’s part of IBM’s supercomputing contract with the US Department of Energy (DoE) and will help to create scientific and engineering applications for DoE initiatives and for two supercomputers called Summit and Sierra.

Summit and Sierra will be delivered to both Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore in 2017 and will swing into operation in 2018.

Applications will be created for energy, climate research, cosmogology, biophysics and health. But there will also be applications related to US national security.

Summit and Sierra will be built using IBM Power CPUsand with Tesla GPU accelerators, using Nvidia’s NVLink, which is a high speed processor bus.

Engineering scientists from IBM and Nvidia will work together with scientis at both labs to optimise code and speed up performance.

IBM said it’s more than just delivering hardware systems and they believe that the work the four teams will do will create new ways of thinking about applications and software.