Huawei gets into fashion

Huawei fashionAs we all know, Chinese giant Huawei is introducing a smartwatch but it has revealed it has more serious plans than this and believes that technology will completely change the way we dress.

The company has hired a “fashion futurologist” called Dr Sabine Seymour to explain Huawei’s vision to the world.

And it all starts with our underwear, it seems. Dr Sabine said our knickers and boxers will be fitted with sensors to track our heart rate and body temperature and goodness knows what else.

Then we’ll have “intuitive garments” which can change in form, size and design, meaning according to Huawei that we’ll only need one shirt or dress.

Our garments will be able to warm us up if we’re cold or cool us down if we’re hot.

And shoes will mean the ascent of the “digital cobbler” – able to create shoes that fit your feet perfectly, and for the rest of your life – said Huawei.