HP wins the server race

HP logoServer shipments grew by 13 percent in the first quarter of this year and revenues also grew, but by 17.9 percent.

That’s the conclusion of a Gartner survey of server shipments, and HP was the winner.

The reason for the surge in the sales is because there was very strong demand on the hyperscale front.

But while the USA has done well, because of the strength of the dollar against other currencies, other regions such as Latin America, Japan and Europe showed either small declines or flat growth.
Gatrner surveys all servers and that includes X86, RISC/Itanium and Unix server shipments.

Mainframes, which IBM practically owns, showed an increase of 95.1 percent in terms of revenue.

This is how the Gartner figures panned out in revenues:

Servers Q1


And this is how the Gartner figures panned out from the vendor perspective:

Gartner Q1 2015 servers