High end displays are in heavy demand

HTC smartphoneStrong demand from Apple and Chinese manufacturers mean LTPS TFT LCD – that’s high end screens to you and me – rose by 30 percent in September, amounting to 51.6 million units.

LTPS stand for low temperature amorphous silicon and offers advantages over standard TFT LCD panels, sai IHS Inc.

Apple adopted LTPS for its latest smartphone and that’s prompted others to follow its lead. While LTPS screens are more expensive, they give better power consumption and provide higher resolution than the bog standard TFT LCD.

AMOLED, championed by Apple rival Samsung, has not expanded that much although the company is promoting the panels, which it makes, to Chinese companies.

Smartphone shipments of all types numbered 79.6 million units in September, while AMOLED panels account for 25 million units.