Hi-Tech credit card kills off hackers

ot_motion_code_hd-100586257-primary.idgeA new bankcard created by French banks have just given hackers a huge headache.

At the moment, if hackers get their paws on your card it is payday until you register it has been stolen.  Normally by the time you get around to actually cancelling your card, it’s all too late.

The new cards being used by two French banks change the bankcard’s number every hour so that even if a fraudster copied them they are quickly out of date.  The three digits on the back of this card will change, every hour, for three years.  After they change the old numbers are worthless.

The idea dubbed MotionCode was dreamed up by Oberthur Technologies is the French digital security company that has developed the tech.

“MotionCode is exactly what you’re doing today – copying the three digits from the back of your card – but with a huge additional level of security.”

The only downside is that if you have memorised all your card numbers you will need to check them against the card every time. But since that only applies to one person we know, we are sure she will not be greatly inconvienced and will find other things to memorise instead.