Hardware encryption revenues climb

Achilles - Wikimedia CommonsAs our story today about a critical bug in Windows software demonstrates, it’s software that is really the Achilles’ Heel, or Hell for a computer system.

And people are beginning to realise that’s the case, because according to a report by US based market research company ABI Research, enterprises are moving to hardware as a much safer way of preserving their systems’ integrity.

ABI said that hardware based encryption bypasses many of the problems associated with software and doesn’t depend on any software or operating systems that enterprises use.

It estimates that in 2015 revenues from sales of hardware based encryption devices will reach $36.4 billion worldwide.

The major players in the game are Imation, WinMagic, Vormetric, SanDisk, Seagate, Rambus and Safenet.

Analyst at ABI believe that one of the more lucrative areas will be healthcare, but government, defence and other authorities are also considering adopting such devices, largely because of legislative requirements and protocols.

And other target customers for the vendors include comms, automotive, and transport.