Hacking Team clients outed

Mexican_Bandit_answer_2_xlargeThe UK Guardian has been looking at the Hacking Team data dump and found that the Italian security company had some very outer customers.

The Hacking Team is an Italian security company which is famous for selling hacks to foreign governments. It was itself taken down by hackers and its information and source code published online last week.

The Hacking Team has insisted that it does not sell to repressive regimes and goes to great lengths to assure that its software is not sold to governments that are blacklisted by the EU, the US, Nato and similar international organisations or any ‘repressive’ regime.

“We also go to some lengths to monitor reports of use of our software in ways that might be inappropriate or illegal. When we find reports of such issues, we conduct an investigation to determine if action is needed.”

However the data dump shows that is not entirely true. Mexico tops the list for revenues for the company with Italy and Morocco not far behind. The US, South Korea, Switzerland, Hungary and Russia have also been clients.

The emails also show that the UK has trialled Hacking Team software, but that a £385,000 deal was halted over the legality of the use of such software, and that the company’s primary “targets”, or adversaries to its business, were groups including Human Rights Watch and Privacy International.