Hacker called Cracka hacked Clapper

clapperApparently the head of the US Director of National Intelligence’s security  was so good that he could be hacked by pranking teens.

One of the “teenage hackers,” Cracka who broke into the CIA director’s AOL email account last year said his latest victim is the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The teen is part of a group of hackers calling themselves “Crackas With Attitude” or CWA.  It made headlines in October, hacking into CIA Director John Brennan’s email account and apparently getting access to several online tools and portals used by US law enforcement agencies.

One if the group, Cracka said he had Clapper’s home telephone, internet connection, his personal email, and his wife’s Yahoo account.

As a gag he changed Clapper’s Verizon FiOS account so that every call was t forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement.

“I’m pretty sure they don’t even know they’ve been hacked,” Cracka told me in an online chat.  Well they do now. Brian Hale, a spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, confirmed the hack to Motherboard.

“We’re aware of the matter and we reported it to the appropriate authorities,” Hale said, declining to answer any other questions on the record. (The FBI declined to comment.)