Government IT spending falls

cashWorldwide spending by national, federal and local government will fall by 1.8 percent to $431 billion in 2015.

And that has led Gartner to outline what it considers to be the 10 most important tech trends for governments so they don’t fall behind.

The first on its list is to have digitally literate employees from top to bottom, with the workplace being open, flat and democratic.

And government with multiple channels need to develop an overall strategy by radically redesigning service models.

Government agencies also need to provide open data programmes with Gartner estimating that by 2018 over 30 percent of digital government projects will treat data as open data.

Governments also need to create trusted citizen electornic IDs, and use edge analytics. They also need to provide interoperability between their own data and external agencies.

And they’ll also have to take account of the internet of things and hybrid cloud, suggesting Gartner believes they all have some way to go.