Google’s car drives better than a 17 year old

accidentcarinwashingtondcAfter millions of miles of testing, it appears that Googles self-driving AI is a bit better than me the day after I passed my driving test at age 16.

Google announced that its self-driving car racked up two million miles of driving experience. It’s a significant marker for Google — no other company has that many miles of fully self-driving experience.

Google’s head of self-driving tech Dmitri Dolgov said the goal of all that is to build a prefect driver.

In two million miles in four cities, Google thinks it has taught the car to come from a nervous teen student driver who might drive onto the pavement if a truck gets too close (yeah I did) to the equivalent of a more experienced licensed person who drives daily.

Google has been involved in 14 real ones so far, 13 of which were caused by other drivers, which is pretty much what happened to me in my first driving years (one prang where I was rear ended while turning right by a bloke whose breaks had failed).

Apparently the car has reached the point where it does not make sudden stops, unless it really has to.   It also slightly swerves as any expert driver does.

All this is possible because of the mileage that the program has been put through. If you think about it, two million miles in more than seven years is a lot. According to a Google spokesperson, the average human only drives 13,000 miles a year.