Google’s Android faces antitrust probe

GoogleGoogle, which is already under investigation in the European Union for alleged anticompetitive practices, now faces a probe related to the Android operating system.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is actively investigating the company to see whether the Android operating system is being used to stifle competition, according to a report on Bloomberg.

Apparently, the FTC wants to know whether Google is bullying Android smartphone manufacturers into showing certain apps on their phones and how they were arranged.

Apparently the FTC and the US Justice Government flipped a coin to decide which of the two bodies should conduct the investigation.

The FTC cleared Google in a previous investigation it made into Google two years ago.

The FTC has already started to talk to technology partners of Google in a bid to discover whether the search company is being a bit of a bully.

The EU is already investigating whether Google is using Android to stifle competition.