Google self driving cars in 11 accidents

 model tGoogle self-driving cars have been involved in 11 accidents, but have not been the cause of any over the last six years since the project began.

According to a SpokesGoogle a team of drivers that is testing the fleet of more than 20 vehicles have driven 1.7 million miles so far.

“Not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident,” Chris Urmson said in a post on technology news website Backchannel’s blog Medium. No one was injured in the accidents.

He pointed out that if enough time is spent on the road, accidents will happen whether you’re in a car or a self-driving car.

Cars had been hit from behind seven times, mainly at traffic lights, with a majority of the accidents being on city streets rather than on motorways.

“We’ll continue to drive thousands of miles so we can all better understand the all-too common incidents that cause many of us to dislike day-to-day driving  –  and we’ll continue to work hard on developing a self-driving car that can shoulder this burden for us,” Urmson said.