Google names new language software Parsey McParseface

71popSearch engine Google appears to have had some trouble naming its new language parsing model and dubbed it Parsey McParseface.

For those who came in late the name is similar to “Boaty McBoatface” which was the name the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) was stuck with for its research submarine after it had a brilliant idea to let the internet decide the name.

In Google’s case it came up with the name itself. Jason Freidenfelds, a global communications representative for Google, told the Observer that the software was pretty good stuff.

“Language understanding is the next big uncracked nut in AI. If we can really solve natural language, it’ll improve everything from the Google app (understanding your questions as well as the meaning of all the text in the world), to Inbox (suggesting smart replies), to products yet to be invented.”

“We were having trouble thinking of a good name, and then someone said, ‘We could just call it Parsey McParseface!’ So… yup,” Mr. Freidenfelds said.

Parsey McParseface parses a sentence.

Although it sports a silly name, Parsey McParseface is the most sophisticated model out there. In terms of accuracy, it closes in on 96 to 97 percent accurate, which beats the previous record of 94 percent – or so it’s claimed.

The model is part of the overall framework SyntaxNet and will be released on TensorFlow.  Now, developers and researchers are able to run machine learning on more than one machine simultaneously, shortening the training process for some models from weeks to hours.

Just a pity about the name.