GoDaddy wins against Oscar people

Kate Blanchett - Wikimedia Commons, uploaded by  Eva RinaldiThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) accused GoDaddy in 2010 of selling names which the maker of Oscars claimed caused incidents of cyber squatting.

But a US district judge in LA turned down the law case brought by the Academy in 2010 and said GoDaddy had acted in good faith selling domain names including, according to Reuters.

The Academy wanted GoDaddy to pay $100,000 for 293 alleged infringements but Judge Andre Birotte told it to get on its bike.

The good judge took just 129 pages to dismiss the Academy’s law suit and said GoDaddy had acted in good faith over domain names registrations.

Reuters said it had tried to talk to the Academy about an appeal but they were closeted in a place where they couldn’t take calls.