Germany busts the internal combustion engine

vintage-car-crash-2It seems that Germany has had enough of its cars failing emission testings and is going to ban the internal combustion engine.

The country’s Bundesrat (federal council) has passed a resolution calling for a ban on new internal combustion engine cars by 2030. By then all cars will have to beĀ  electric or running on a hydrogen fuel cell.

It is not legally binding, but the Bundesrat is asking the European Commission to implement the ban across the European Union… so there is a chance it might happen.

The council also wants the European Commission to review its taxation policies and their effect on the “stimulation of emission-free mobility.” It could involve stronger tax incentives for buying zero-emissions cars, but it could also involve eliminating tax breaks for diesel cars in EU states.

It is starting to look like. what ever happens, diesels could be a think of the past.