Full invisibility is within reach

cloak of invisibilityScientists at the University of California, San Diego, believe they have designed a cloaking device that is a better invisibility cloak than we’ve, er, seen before.

The researchers said the design is thin and doesn’t alter the brightness of light around a hidden object.

And, even better, the cloak doesn’t just make you or things invisible, it can increase signal speed in optical communications.

These invisibility cloaks change the scattering of electromagnetic waves to make them less detectable.

But the scientists said previous attempts needed many layers of material to hide objects while they say their device only needs a thin single layer sheet.

The scientists don’t use metal particles in the cloak, which cause “lossiness”, but instead use non conducive dielectrics – a ceramic material and Teflon which alter the way light waves reflect.

The scientists believe their technology to have applications in optics, interior design and art as well as the obvious military benefits.