French STMicro surrenders to Huawei

French_surrenderFrench microchip maker STMicro has ignored US paranoia about Chinese spying and signed a $500 million deal with China’s Huawei.

This was announced by the French Government, which must also have given its thumbs up to the deal which also sticks two fingers up at its glorious ‘amburger eating US allies.

The French government said that the move will bolster its supply relationship with the Chinese telecom equipment provider.

The five-year deal, signed during a visit to France by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, is expected to lead to an increase in orders for the semiconductor manufacturer, the statement said.

This means that clearly the French have given nil point to US paranoia on the Chinese spying. We guess it is because the French have worked out that they are more likely to be spied on by the US.