French conservatives say “non” to encryption

french-revolution-pictures-22-622x415The French Parliament is considering surrendering to a idea put forward by the conservative Republican party which would ban strong encryption.

Tech companies will have to configure their systems to allow Inspector Clouseau and other “inspectors of the ler” to have access to their data.

The amendment to the vast “Digital Republic” bill was introduced in the French National Assembly, parliament’s lower house, by eighteen politicians from the conservative Republican Party.

The Digital Republic bill, which covers everything from net neutrality to the online publication of scientific research, will be examined and debated this week along with 400 amendments to it.

The anti-encryption amendment is largely seen as a response to the two deadly Paris terrorist attacks in 2015.  The attackers repeatedly used unencrypted communications in the leadup to the killings but that does not matter.

The French government has come under sustained criticism for sacrificing liberty for security. The country has been in a state of emergency for two months, a legal status that gives President François Hollande vast new law-enforcement powers.So it appears that Hollande cant win.