France surrenders to terrorists and approves surveillance law

French_surrenderThe French government has surrendered to the Isis terrorists who shot up a satirical magazine and bought in a new super surveillance law.

The move is packed full of irony as it was supposed to be France’s answer to the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Charlie Hebdo was attacked because it used press freedom and free speech to publish anti-Islamic cartoons. However the new law will mean a curtailing of internet freedom and civil liberties.

The law on intelligence gathering, adopted by 438 votes to 86, was drafted after three days of attacks in Paris in January, in which 17 people died.

The Socialist government says the law is needed to take account of changes in communications technology. However it is clearly bringing in more mass surveillance, allows state control .and threatens the independence of the digital economy.

The government claims admits that it will enable mass surveillance but said that it will also bring safe guards to prevent it getting too much like the roast beef eating British and Americans.

A new watchdog will oversee the intelligence services, which will have broader powers to look at classified material and handle complaints from the public.

But none of this has satisfied the critics, who range from civil liberties groups to major internet providers.

However clamping down on French Liberty is exactly what ISIS wanted when it launched the attacks. So it looks like the Charlie Hebdo gunmen got exactly what they wanted.