Forget the Apple Watch, analysts say

Withings Activite PopThe people at ABI Research have torn apart the Withings Activite Pop watch and described it as elegant and simple.

The watch, said Jim Mielke, VP of Teardowns, at ABI, provides eight months battery life and uses micro amps of current. The watch is a combination of semiconductor tech and mechanical hand movement mechanisms.

Mielke said the battery life is impressive because most time or activity trackers “are working hard just to get a few days of battery life”.

The machine has a Bluetooth system on a chip, and an accelerometer built into its design. It retails in the UK for about £120.

Mielke said: ‘This merger of technology could become the standard for a long battery life, always on smart watch and or fitness trackers, especially for traditional watch makers. Enabling a long batter life provides clear advantages over the smart watches coming from smartphone vendors.”

The watch synchronises with your smartphone clock. It’s compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems and connects to the smartphones using Bluetooth.