Fly swatted by security consultant

brian_krebsA Ukrainian hacker dubbed “the Fly” who tried to frame security consultant Brian Krebs  is now in a US jail after being extradited to face multiple cybercrime charges.

Sergey “the Fly” Vovnenko had heroin sent to Kreb’s Virginia home and then alerted police when the drugs arrived, it is alleged.

Vovnenko faces charges of stealing and selling credit card and banking data, emptying bank accounts, and running a botnet of more than 12,000 hacked computers and servers.

Krebs became aware of Vovnenko when he started sending taunting tweets and trying to get him to visit poisoned websites. He posted copies of his  credit report, directions to his home and pictures of his  front door, it is said.

Slightly miffed Krebs asked his mates at Russian security firm Group-IB and discovered that Vovnenko was the administrator of a defunct cybercrime forum dedicated to financial fraud.

He gained access to his forum and found that Vovnenko had solicited donations from fellow fraudsters on the forum to donate Bitcoin currency for a slush fund Fly created for the express purpose of purchasing heroin off of the Silk Road.

Vovnenko told the group that he arranged to have the heroin delivered to Krebs and spoof a call from one of his neighbours to the local police informing them that he was a druggie and having drugs delivered to his home, it is aid.

Krebs was ahead of him and contacted the local police about the plan before the package arrived. When 12 packets appeared the cops knew all about the plan.

Krebs wrote a story about how he foiled Vovnenko who was cross that he had wasted so much dosh on heroin and still not been arrested for possession.

He had a local florist send a gaudy floral arrangement in the shape of a giant cross to his home, complete with a menacing message that addressed his wife and was signed, “Velvet Crabs”, it is alleged

Needless to say, this got Krebs interested in the character and he became more interested in tracking him down.

Using various tools Krebs tracked the Fly through his girlfriend. Vovnenko does not appear to have been a trusting soul and had installed a keylogger on his girlfriend’s account so he could read her emails. He forgot to delete the information after he read it and this gave Krebs shedloads of information about the couple. Apparently they were in Naples and were arrested in a joint action between the US and the Italian coppers.

It seems that the Italians were happy to extradite him to a place where private jails encourage judges to lock people up for many years. The case continues.