Flexible displays bend the market

Flag of South KoreaFlexible displays are evidently part of the future, if patent applications are any guide.

IHS Technology said that 312 patents for flexible displays were filed with the US patent office in last year, accounting for 62 percent of applications.

Samsung is the leader of the pack – it filed half of the flexible display paents in the USA, with fellow Korean company LG Electronics filing 17 percent of the patents.

Ian Lim, a senior analyst at IHS, said: “Patents for flexible display device technologies outnumber those for flexible display parts and manufacturing technologies in recent patents, indicating that the flexible display market is entering a period of maturing growth,” he said.

Lim said many of the applications for patents are connected to reducing device distortion and introducing user interfaces for bendable and foldable displays.

The key materials patents were related to organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and polylmide flexible substrates.