Firefox will kill web based adverts

huet_fox_chickenBig Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have decided to build in an ad-blocker into their Firefox browser.

A brand new Developer version of Firefox has been released which provided a real look at Mozilla’s enhanced privacy features. The new tracking protection is so effective that if you show up on a website you will be invisible and see it ad-free.

Ad networks and content providers are almost certain to be outraged to see their ads broken by the new tracking protection in Firefox. But it could be the key to getting Mozilla popular again.

Mozilla’s believes that if you have clicked in to a private window that you really, really want your privacy respected. Sadly, a block-everything tracking protection may never make its way into the non-private Firefox browsing windows.

Certainly Mozilla’s own efforts at do not track were watered down to the point they were nearly useless.

Since it is all in developer stage, Mozilla might find a way to block tracking without blocking the actual adverts or it might just give up on it.