Fiorina never really got technology

0227-carly-fiorina-630x420Any belief that Carly Fiorina ever understood much of the technology while working at HP have been proven faulty by a recent campaign announcement.

Keen to outdo Donald Trump on the “lets spout ignorance” Fiorina has piped up on a subject she should have known a bit about – encryption.

The Republicans candidates are all keen to appear tough on terror, and much of the focus is on the technology that the terrorists use. There is one theory that IS and its ilk use lots of encryption which makes it difficult for the good guys to read.

The IT industry on the other hand does not want the government to provide back-doors to encryption software and has made its position clear. It would make US businesses vulnerable to hackers.

You would expect Fiorina to take its side, however she wants the government to be able to “work around” encryption.

She agreed that it was impossible to outlaw encryption. “But we have to be able to work around it where necessary to give our investigators the information they need. I’d ask the private sector’s help in that.”

She is opposed to “end-to-end” encryption protecting Apple iOS and Android devices. Both Google and Apple have begun enabling this unbreakable encryption by default, locking away users’ data from even the phone and software manufacturers.

Fiorina said: “We need to engage the private sector in an unprecedented way again because we’re at war of a different kind. I know this community. I know this industry. I know these people. I will engage them.”

Clearly she doesn’t because the private sector is not going to back a plan that would kill off its cloud and communications business. She also has failed to say how a “work around” is even possible.

What she appears to be suggesting is that tech companies will be allowed to lock up data tight, but must be allowed to keep a key under the mat for police forces to come in and have a poke around when they like.

Anyone with a shred of a technology background would tell you that if such a situation was possible, which in the most secure environments it isn’t, it would put the data in the same position as a locked house where the key is under the mat. The whole system would depend on the government guaranteeing the protection of the key, which it can’t do.

Fiorina is in sixth place according to most national polls. It is still early days yet but her popularity is going backwards.