Fiorina is getting bitten by her HP past

Carly Former HP queen Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign has been hit by a story which is connected to her doings while making expensive printer ink.

Fiorina has been sounding off in favour of the Iranian peace deal which her fellow GOP members are convinced is going to be broken by those evil Muslims who should never be trusted. Until recently the Winsome Carly had said that if she was made president she would have undone the deal if she was elected.

While Fiorina’s change of heart would normally be greeted as sane by many right thinking people, her fellow GOP rivals have dug up an item from her past which she would rather have forgotten.
When Fiorina was CEO of HP the outfit was involved in a scandal to flog printers in Iran through a subsidiary company in Dubai despite the trade embargo. The sales were halted shortly after the business dealings were published by the Globe.

Fiorina claimed no knowledge that the approximately $100 million of sales through the subsidiary were coming from Iran. The San Jose Mercury News found evidence that Fiorina at least knew a little bit about it.

It dug up a statement from the period where she commented that Middle East sales were defying global trends, and, issued a press release saying sales topped $100 million and that a big chunk of it came from Iran.

In 2010 she partially admitted HP’s business in Iran and defended it in an interview with Lady Globes magazine, on the basis that technology could open up Iran to the world. She said that the Iran business was “distributing printer ink,” which she said that was permitted in export law.

However HP had an office in the Dubai free-trade zones notorious for funnelling American goods to Iran, Portfolio reported. The gravy train was derailed in January 2009, HP severed ties with Redington Gulf when the distributor publicly bragged about it.

Anyway it appears that this particular skeleton in her closet will not go away and the news is being circulated on the world wide wibble again.