Falling SSD prices good news for notebook users

IBM storage circa 1968Market research firm Trendforce said the price of mainstream solid state drives (SSDs) fell by 10 percent for four quarters in a row.

And that means between 25 and 28 percent of notebooks that ship use SSDs rather than hard disk drives.

Senior research manager Alan Chen said that in 2016 the difference in price between HDDs and SSDs will be close to price parity, meaning that next year nearly a third of all notebooks shipped will use the faster SSD.

But the blot on the landscape is that branded notebook vendors and channel distributors aren’t buying as many SSDs as they might do because notebook sales are still rather poor.

Chen said that 43.3 million notebooks shipped worldwide in the third calendar quarter – a growth of 13 percent on the second quarter. But that’s due to seasonality.

Trendforce believes that sales of notebooks in the fourth quarter will be affected by problems shifting existing stock.