Europe agrees plan on data protection

European flagThe Council of the European Union has outlined a common approach on general data regulation meant to help protect individuals and to increase business opportunities across the 28 countries that are its members.

The move has to be approved by the European Parliament and will meet with representatives on the 24th of June.

The EU believes that personal data has to be collected and processed under strict conditions and people have to give unambiguous consent by individuals to use personal data. Facebook might fall foul of such a plan.

It also believes people should have more access to their data, information what happens to it, the right to be “forgotten”, and a right of portability so that not just one social network provider can hog it.

It also wants limits to profiling personal data to show work performance, how right or poor people are, whether their ill or healthy, and what their “personal preferences” might be.

The EU plan also wants to prevent personal data being transferred to other countries and organisations, with the European Commission and the European Parliament deciding the rules of “adequacy”.