EU wants Netflix and Sky subscriptions to follow users

European flagThe European Union moved a step closer to letting consumers access their online subscriptions for services like Netflix or Sky when they travel across the region.

An agreement between the European Parliament and Malta, which acts on behalf of all 28 EU states as the bloc’s current presidency, is apparently close to archiving another milestone in knocking down barriers in the single market of 500 million people.

Letting people take their online subscriptions abroad comes after the EU bloc decided to abolish roaming charges for using mobile phones when traveling within the EU.

The agreement must still be formally approved, though that is a rubber stamp task. It is aimed at people temporarily in another EU country for holidays, business trips or studies.

While meant to benefit consumers, the decision has been contested by rights-holders, who say the principle of territoriality is key to their financing rules. It will not apply to British people who voted to blame foreigners for their conservative government’s austerity measures, leave the EU and maintain their national pride by begging American for scraps of a trade deal.