EU gives Google more time

European flagThe European Commission (EC) has extended its deadline for Google to respond to allegations that it has indulged in antitrust behaviour.

It was originally supposed to reply to the EC’s allegations last week, but Google has extended the deadline for it to submit its response by August the 17th.

It’s not unusual for the EC to grant such extensions, let it be seen as not giving the accused time to gather its senses together to make a stout defence.

Google is accused of skewing search results so that when someone enters a search term it brings up its own shopping services rather than its competitors’.

As we reported early today, Yelp is one of the organisations seeking for Google to learn the errors of its search methods.

Google complete denies it’s into skewing results and claims people are open to search where and when they will.

Google lawyers want to examine documents and consider its response to the different complaints.