Enterprises indifferent to Hadoop

Ary Pleysier - Beach View with Boats - Wikimedia CommonsWhile Hadoop is the buzz word in this,  the second decade of the 21st century, it appears that not that many enterprises are convinced it is the way to go.

In case you’re not with it, Hadoop is a framework that lets enterprises distribute processing of large data sets across loads of computers, from single servers to gazillions of machines.

A Gartner survey showed that more than half of the enterprises it surveyed were tentative about adopting Hadoop.

Nick Heudecker, a senior analyst at Gartner, said that only 18 percent of the enterprises it surveyed had plans to invest in Hadoop over the next two years.

“Despite considerable hype and reported success for early adopters, 54 percent of survey respondents report no plans to invest at this time [now],” he said.

A mere 26 percent of the enterprises Gartner surveyed said they were deploying, piloting or experimenting with Hadoop, he added.

“Hadoop was overkill for the problems businesses faced,” he continued.

One of the problems is that there are not too many techies that are au fait with Hadoop, and enterprises are also worried about squeezing value out of the concept.

“One of the core value propositions of Hadoop is that it is a lower cost option to traditional information infrastructure. However, the low number of users relative to the cost of cluster hardware, as well as any software support costs, may mean Hadoop is failing to live up to this promise,” said Heudecker.