Enterprises are thinking of artificial intelligence

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsThe market for artificial intelligence applications for large organisations will be worth $200 million this year but as much as $2 billion by 2020.

That’s the prediction of market research firm Trendforce, which said big vendors are snapping up smartups and personnel to bolster the development of such applications.

Giants like Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo are in a race to be first to market with persuasive enterprise AI apps whereas in former days AI was a specialised research field.

Carlos Yu, a senior analyst at Trendforce, said that AI technologies have made great advances in the last few years. “Large enterprises have not only begun to acquire AI solutions, they also set set about improving their AI based services by combining them with cloud and big data technologies,” he said.

IBM appears to be the leader of the pack right now, but the other giants are using “deep learning” AI to improve their technologies.

Yu believes that AI will be adopted in major industries including manufacturing, automotive, internet, retailing and information engineering.

He said in the healthcare sector AI is being combined with wearable devices to both improve patient care and also help design new pharmaceuticals.