Electronic ink for clothes just makes you think

Electronic ink for clothing - courtesy Someya LabsA group of researchers at Tokyo University said it has developed an ink that can print on textiles making the dream of having a computer in your tie more feasible.

While printed electronics such as transistors, LEDs and photo-voltaic panels can be printed on plastic or paper, they don’t fit snugly on your body.

The researchers claim the new ink will enable the next generation of wearable devices to become a reality.

Professor Takao Someya said the elastic conducting ink can be easily printed on textiles in a single step. The ink is made up of silver flakes, organic solvent, fluorine rubber and fluorine surfactant and showed good conductivity when stretched more than three times its original length.

Someya said: “The biggest channelge was obtaining high conductivity and stretchability with a simple one step printing process. Our team aims to develop comfortable wearable devices.

The team did not say how long it would take for the print to come out in the wash.