Eastern European hacker tried to blackmail Beckham’s spinners.

David-Beckham-swimwear-for-HMAn Eastern European hacker was having a crack at blackmailing the former UK footballer David Beckham’s spinners by using his hacked emails.

The sister company of a public relations firm that represents former England captain David Beckham has confirmed it was subject to a blackmail attempt over hacked emails between the footballer and his PR adviser Simon Oliveira.

A spokesman for Beckham, 41, confirmed that the private emails were hacked and doctored. BBC reports that the hacker is believed to be from eastern Europe or one of the former Soviet republics.

The hacker is believed to have approached Portugal-based Doyen Sports, the sister company of Doyen Global, the sports and entertainment agency co-founded by Oliveira. Doyen Sports refused to pay up and told the coppers.

The hacker is believed to have passed the hacked emails to European Investigative Collaborations, a network of journalists, who have spent months going through the material before finally distributing it to several European websites last week.

Beckham is believed to be claiming that the story is based on outdated material taken out of context.

Most of the material we have seen is about expenses and about how Beckham is managed by his spinners.