Dutch coppers crack Blackberry security

holland1Blackberry’s super secure messaging system has been cracked by the cops, making it less useful.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute has confirmed a recent report that it’s capable of scooping up encrypted data from PGP-equipped BlackBerry devices.

Apparently the police are using a tool from CelleBrite.  It has been suggested that investigators are guessing the password based on a memory dump a job which normally means yanking a memory chip off the phone’s motherboard.

So basically they can’t listen in to messages at a distance and the results are not always reliable.  In fact there are small numbers which can’t be cracked and not every single PGP implementation will work. GhostPGP, for instance, claims that it’s unaffected.

However those who bought customised BlackBerry with the promise of airtight security will be somewhat miffed that there is anyway to get into the phone. After all if the Dutch coppers have it you can be sure that the Brits, Americans, Israeli’s and the Fijian’s know how to do it too,