Dell takes aim at smaller datacentres

Dell logoDell said that it started a new division aimed at the datacentre market and claimed X86 server volumes are growing three times faster than “traditional” X86 markets.

The division, called Datacentre Scalable Solutions (DSS) is looking to sell into web tech, telecomms service providers, hosting companies, old and gas companies and research organisations.

Dell has been in this business for over eight years but the new division is aimed at providing smaller organisations with customised and tailored products just beow the “hyperscale” of the massive companies it’s previously sold to.

This segment of the market is worth as much as $6 billion worldwide, Dell believes.

The company is to deliver its first DSS branded products in autumn.

Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, general manager of the server division at Dell, said other companies have sold product by marketing hype or reducing capex costs, his company will sell purpose built product in line with its financial services divsion.