Datacentres of the future will be software ready

Data centreSoftware defined datacentres (SDDC) are the wave of the future, according to a prediction from market research company Gartner.

An SDDC is a datacentre with virtualised infrastructure and delivered as a “service” but it’s not right for all enterprises, Gartner VP Dave Russell said.

“Due to its current immaturity, the SDDC is most appropriate for visionary organisations with advanced expertise in I&O engineering and architecture,” he said.

But by 2020, 75 percent of global enterprises will go for a hybrid cloud model that uses the SDDC approach.

Russell said you can’t buy an SDDC off the shelf and implementation needs new skills and a shift in the IT organisation.

He cautioned that vendors will still try to lock in customers and open soure standards or a cloud management platform can’t completely help.

He said people need to recognise that adopting an SDDC “means trading a hardware lock in for a software lock in.”