Danish iPhone 7 launch disappointing

hqdefaultWhile the Tame Apple Press is insisting that people are interested in buying the disappointing iPhone 7, it is clear that interest is failing and the evidence can be seen in Denmark.

At the Apple store in Viborg, Denmark’s second-largest municipality, only two people appeared to be in line for the grand opening of the iPhone 7. What made the whole thing cringe-making, was that Apple staff put on the same “show” including balloons, streamers and other things for the two people.

The vid below has been viewed almost 200,000 times on Imgur with the two-person line looking pretty dumb against the celebratory backdrop of balloons and a red carpet.

The poor store employee was definitely expecting a crowd but the look on the two unenthusiastic iPhone 7 seekers faces when he popped the gold confetti onto them is a hoot.

The response in China has also been disappointing and it looks like if Apple had any success at all trying to sell its phone it has been on its home turf in the US.