Danes crack down on talking about popcorn

vikingIn a bizarre move, Danish coppers have been arresting people for talking about the P2P video streaming software popcorn.

Two people have been arrested for running two different Popcorn Time guide websites. The domains of both operations have also been seized.

None of the sites linked to copyright infringing material or appear to have broken the law, but the site owners have been charged with distributing knowledge and guides on how to obtain illegal content online.

The Popcorn Time video streaming application is popular and hated by copyright holders and anti-piracy groups. While the software has not been targeted, the Danish action might be a sign that something is about to snap.

According to the police, both men, in their 30s, have confessed. The court documents suggest that what they have been charged with could carry a maximum prison term of six years.

Earlier this year, six websites setup as Popcorn Time “fan pages” were shut down by anti-piracy outfit BREIN. None were affiliated with the official project and all reached a financial settlement with the group.

We are fast reaching the point that even talking about things that Big Content does not like will put you in prison, has the world gone mad?  [yes.ed]